Report: Effective management of pests control services

When we let our providers run their pest control plan without adequate supervision, then we are exposed to pest incursions that affect the image of the site (and the most important: the business image) that we manage. As we know, we should concentrate our efforts in months when temperature and humidity are increased, because it speeds up the reproduction of insects around storage areas, kitchens or gardens. Here some suggestions to manage this service:

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Establish a strict enforcement of contracts

When we try to generate savings through scale economies, sometimes we hire some provider which provides us ‘services by volume’, these providers assume too much contracts but do not increase their staff, then they do not take enough time to follow a complete methodology for identifying the actual cause of the infestation, the specific identification of the plague and therefore the appropriate pesticide for this (pesticide that should not be toxic to building occupants) That is the reason why we need to establish strict compliance requirements from the early stages of contracting suppliers.

At the same time, we often should monitor each stage of the service provided to us. We must demand several routine inspections, even in times when the pest do not appear regularly, why? Because a successful operation is based in an adequate prevention. These routines, and the result of inspections (such as the identification of risk factors) should be included in contractual requirements.

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As facility managers, we should know  principal safety aspects of each pesticide applied.

Involve all site providers

It’s true that the early identification of risk factors will not have any positive result, if the preventive actions do not be implement soon. In base of these results, it’s necessary to involve building occupants, including food service and cleaning providers. It would be appropriate that we, as facility managers, promote meetings of these three suppliers (pest control, food service and cleaning) to align their working methods in order that individual performance does not affect any other service providers.

We shouldn’t forget to involve to our food service and cleaning providers in control procedures. As we know, each pesticide manufacturer defines its own period of active ingredient and residual presence (it’s included in each MSDS of each product – Material Safety Data Sheet) Some times, when we don’t share this procedures to some providers, their actions could reduce the pesticide effect. We should know all events which occurs in the same time with the pesticide application, we must evaluate its contrary effects to the pest control product

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We must demand permanent professional support

Demand professional support

If the provider complied with the preventive routines, how we be sure that this inspections have a enough technical quality? With adequate professional support. Here, we must request that the suppliers keep a permanent verifying of their sanitary engineer.

This profesional has the enough knowing to determine the correct proportion of the pesticide, the right application way and the environmental conditions during which the pesticide can achieve its real effect. This considerations should be identify for each specific site and each specific moment. All situations are not similar each other. Despite he is analyzing the same places, the characteristics of temperature and humidity, and other factors, are not necessarily the same. Then, we should require a specific Pest Control Report for each diagnosis that this profesional made.

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Also, we must demand that each providers technician uses the personal protective equipment recommended in each MSDS.

In such reports should also include the possible effects of accidental ingestion and immediate first aid procedures. Our staff should be prepare for a possible poisoning risk in the building occupants. This information is included in the MSDS of each product applied. Beside that, there we will find safety information about personal protective equipment which the provider technician must use. Our staff must know this data and they should be aware about how these provider technicians are applying the pesticide. They must follow the apply safety procedures included in each MSDS.

Require track results

After that, we need to verify the results. To do this, the Pest Control Report should have identified periods and methods of verification. This procedures must be applied, and the results should be communicated us immediately. Depending on results, we define whether the diagnosis was correct. If it was not, we must quickly rethink our strategy until it achieves reduce the pest.

We need to know the residual periods of each pesticide, because if we apply another product maybe this reduces the effects of first pesticide or both. We must accept that to eliminate a pest takes a regular time, therefore, we need to know the results of monitoring by the provider permanently. This will allow us to evaluate a possible change of product on time.

Establish communication strategies with site occupants

We need to keep adequate communication strategies with the occupants of the property. While we can not provide too many details of our efforts to eliminate the plague, we must be cautious in closing (if necessary) access to areas that keep even the problem. These temporary closures should be communicated on time, in order to reduce claims or uncertainty. Often, this could apply more pressure on our staff work.We also should be care with the entrance and displacement of the pest control provider technicians.

As facility managers, we must guide to our staff (include food services and cleaning providers or pest control staff) about any query around our work. We must be careful and prudent in our answers. Its a good practice to exhibit a announcement in this areas with an indication to call our office phone number for any query, then we keep a unique communication flow.

Do you know other consideration about manage this service?

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