A video surveillance network to stop retail shoplifting people

Some months ago when I started to working in a retail industry, I had opportunity to manage a control and monitoring center of around 500 retail pharmacies dispersed in our country. I remember that we had recurrent events with shoplifting people. Day to day, those robbers got into our farmacies and unfortunately we not could detect them in time.

We need an efficient solution in use minimal data space and effective for shoplifting detection

Initially, we made efforts to increase the number of security guards (partial and full time) which helped us to reduce losses by 40% to 60%. While the cost in security guards initially equalled losses due to theft, we reached a point of equilibrium where manage of more security personnel distracted work of our HR division.

At that time, also our communications network infrastructure could not transmit more data efficiently. Additional information from management of video surveillance, involve slowing of commercial transactions in the store. We needed a solution that is efficient in use data space and at the same time be effective for the detection of robbers.

Today we have video systems that can count the quantity of people enter to our branches

Today we have technologies that can help us to detect retail robbers in real time, beside that this systems can count the quantity of people enter to our branches (an improtant aspect for our sales division) and alerts of dwell time along of hallways of our stores (an important aspect for our security needs and marketing division)

Also, these video systems could alert us of dwell time of customers in hallways.

In addition to this, is a technology using only the necessary space of our bandwidth, they do not consume much energy, and use a minimal video storage: an interesting solution (watch video)

Do you know other video surveillance solutions to retail industry?

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