Webinar: The Challenges of implementing smart infrastructure in cities

scw_philips_webinar_-_20_feb_2018.pngDo you want to know about results from a worldwide survey on challenges of smart infrastructure and how installing smart systems is changing the city of Cardiff (England)? At Tuesday 20th February (15:00 – GMT) / 16:00 – CET /  10:00 – EDT) there is an interesting webinar (45mins) about this theme

According SMART CITIES WORLD: «The results of the survey uncover the key attitudes and perceptions around the implementation of a smart city. With more than 150 industry thought leaders participating, the results of the survey helped to identify the drivers and obstacles affecting smart city implementation, and how to enable successful, dynamic cities of the future»

Find out what SmartCitiesWorld readers said about:

  • Which city they consider to be the smartest and why
  • The most important factors for delivering a smart city
  • The main barriers to smart city progress
  • How useful smart lighting is for developing a smart city
  • The best people to talk to about smart city development

If you like to register, please click here

Launched in May 2016, SMART CITIES WORLD is a dynamic website providing the professionals users with a centralised source of intelligence about the infrastructure required to create a smart city today and for the future. Do you like to know more about SMART CITIES WORLD?



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