Webinar: New Opportunities for connected lighting

At March 6th, 2018  there’s an interesting webinar called «Zhaga Interfaces for Interoperable Components in LED Luminaires – New Opportunities for connected lighting» presented by LEDs MAGAZINE


According LEDs Magazine, they will guide us: «through the latest Zhaga specification which defines a standardized interface between outdoor LED luminaires and modules for sensing and communication. He will discuss benefits from bringing the Internet of Things to the outdoor lighting market via smart, upgradeable, future-proof fixtures. Dee will also give a sneak preview of the upcoming exciting developments at Zhaga including connectivity for indoor lighting»

With these seminar you will learn:

  • Merging IoT and lighting technologies
  • Enabling future-proof luminaires
  • Interfaces between components of LED fixtures
  • Smart city

If you want to register, please click here

LEDs Magazine is the leading information resource for the global LED community, serving tens of thousands of readers that specify, design and manufacture LED-based products for a wide range of end-use applications, particularly solid-state lighting.
The LEDs Magazine portfolio has four main components – the Magazine, which will be published 9 times during 2016; the Website, which is updated daily with news and product information; the weekly and monthly Newsletters, and the annual Suppliers Directory– each offering excellent advertising opportunities.

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