Webinar: Data Center Thermal Optimization – From Tower to Rack

When we have to manage a data center, we must think very well the different ways to save energy, those initiatives shouldn’t put at risk the business continuity. So, we need to find new energy strategies to maintain us in a competitive world. This Wednesday, May 09th at 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time there’s programming the webinar: «Data Center Thermal Optimization: From Tower to Rack» by Data Center Knowledge


Data Center Knowledge says us: «As a diligent data center professional, you constantly look for ways to optimize the facilities you design, build or influence while increasing or maintaining reliability. In the past, many shied away from energy conservation measures for fear of endangering system reliability or facility uptime. But the industry has started to turn the corner and tackle these energy inefficiencies head on—have you? Join us for a discussion on a retro-commissioning style approach to total data center thermal optimization (no forklift upgrades required) where we will help you tackle the two largest energy wasting systems. We will discuss holistic chilled water system optimization and how machine learning can be leveraged to optimize air-handling in the data center environment. Don’t have a chiller plant? No problem; machine learning knows no bounds»

If you want to join, please access here

Data Center Knowledge is a leading online source of daily news and analysis about the data center industry. They cover a wide scope. Areas of coverage include advancements in power and cooling technology, processor and server architecture, networks, storage, the colocation industry and data center company stocks, cloud, and developments in modern hyper-scale data center space, edge computing, infrastructure for machine learning, and virtual and augmented reality. Do you want to know more about Data Center Knowledge? Access here



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