Webinar: The New Toolkit for the Agile Project Mánager

Nowadays customers want project managers capable of delivering at the speed that is required, for that, there are methodologies like Agile Project Management that permit us to manage that dynamic environment. Do you know about this methodology? What’s the role of an agile project manager? This June 27th, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. EDT there is programming the webinar «The New Toolkit for the Agile Project Mánager» presented by Corporate Education Group (CEG)

CEG says:«As organizations pursue their strategic goals, they likely maintain a project portfolio that is a mix of stable, definable projects built on proven procedures in addition to the more risky and undefined projects that are meant to create new products, services, or capabilities. Project managers who can deliver results in an iterative fashion, with a high level of stakeholder involvement and increased customer feedback loops, are the first choice for these project assignments. That is because they demonstrate facility with the new tools of the agile project manager»

Join to this webinar here, and you will learn:

  • Picking the right methodology for the job
  • Choosing what skills and relationships to enhance
  • Understanding how project planning, tracking, and team management work in these hybrid settings
  • Knowing your role in supporting organization change management

Corporate Education Corporate Education Group (CEG), originally founded at Boston University as the Boston University Corporate Education Center, is a premier provider of corporate training and consulting services. If you want to know more, visit CEG here

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