Webinar: Creating urban value with inteligent lighting

Recently, we have seen new lighting applications that help make cities smarter. What strategies follow these emerging applications? What are the future trends of outdoor lighting? This Thursday 28th June 2018: 2pm (BST), 3pm (CEST), 9am (EST) is programming the webinar «Creating value with inteligent lighting» presented by SmartCitiesWorld

SmartCitiesWorld says: «Lighting increasingly serves as the platform for a whole array of smart city services. As well as helping cities save energy & money, and connect city applications, lighting also has a very human aspect, impacting everything from safety to health»

With this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The evolving and emerging applications of smart city outdoor lighting solutions
  • Research which provides insights on how cities can prioritise efforts in their lighting strategy
  • How flexible and adaptive lighting is increasingly important in helping cities and towns achieve their goals
  • Future trends in outdoor lighting
  • A case study from Lloret de Mar, Spain

If you want to register, please access here
Launched in May 2016, SmartCitiesWorld is a dynamic website providing the professionals users with a centralised source of intelligence about the infrastructure required to create a smart city today and for the future. We can know more about SmartCitiesWorld exploring its portal

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