Webinar: Achieving Optimum Energy Efficiency in Buildings – New Benchmarks Being Set

It’s a fact, nowadays the energy savings isn’t the only objective of facility management, today there are more important factors: operational efficiency and occupant experience, do you know how to achive them? This Thursday, July 26th, 2018 at 9:30 PST/12:30 pm EST there’s programmed the webinar «Achieving Optimum Energy Efficiency in Buildings – New Benchmarks Being Set» presented by Realcomm

Realcomm says: «Five years ago, the driving factor for smart buildings was energy costs. While operational efficiency and occupant experience have been added to the discussion, energy savings still play an important role in the smart building strategy. Energy usage in buildings accounts for over 40% of electrical consumption which has ties to coal, natural gas, petroleum and nuclear energy. Energy waste in buildings is easily evident and provides great opportunities when addressed. Advanced energy analytics, enhanced building automation monitoring, new lighting solutions, low voltage infrastructure, micro grids and other technologies are reshaping the building energy landscape. This webinar will bring best practices and new benchmarks into focus»

With this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage smart building technology to engage employees and make measurable progress towards energy efficiency.
  • Why owners and developers should pursue a net zero energy strategy based on actual economic returns for net zero energy buildings.
  • Best practices and benchmarks for achieving optimum energy efficiency in new and existing buildings.
  • The value of data and the role of AI in identifying the best energy technology solutions for your building.

Please access here to register

Realcomm Conference Group, LLC es una compañía mundial de investigación y eventos en la intersección de la tecnología, la innovación y las operaciones inmobiliarias.

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