Webinar: Lack of Preparedness for Critical Incidents

As Facility Managers, we need to know how to collaborate with our security teams and prepare for critical incidents such as the presence of thieves or police interventions. For that, it is important to develop security protocols, so our facilities must be prepared to contribute with these procedures. Do you know how these security protocols are composed? This Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 at 2:00PM ET there is programed the webinar:» Lack of Preparedness for Critical Incidents» presented by Campus Security & Life Safety


Campus Security & Life Safety says: «Critical incidents, by their very nature, pose a threat to campus communities and first responders. Therefore, it is imperative that campus administrators and police leaders develop comprehensive incident management protocols and follow-up strategies to help reduce the impact of cataclysmic crises on campus such as shooting attacks. Today, many campuses remain vulnerable to gun violence because they have not fully developed their campus security infrastructures and response protocols. Notwithstanding the strategic efforts made by larger institutions to prepare for violent campus attacks, many campuses remain underprepared to deal with shooting violence on campuses due to budgetary restraints, inconsistent campus security planning and policies, and vulnerabilities in infrastructure design. As a result of these operational deficiencies, many campuses still heavily rely on outside police agencies for support in responding to critical incidents. Law enforcement support from outside agencies for critical incidents is guaranteed by memorandums of understanding (MOU) or mutual aid agreements»

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