Webinar: Visual Comfort and Artificial Lighting

As we know, artificial lighting can affect the productivity of the occupants of the facilities, their concentration and their efficiency. Facility managers should know how this comfort can be obtained through lighting fixtures. Do you know the quality parameters for visual comfort? or what is the lighting centered on the human being? This Wednesday October 10th, 2018 at 4:00 PM CEST (Amsterdam, GMT+02:00) this is programmed the webinar: «Visual Comfort and Artificial Lighting» presented by Philips Lighting


Philips Lighting says «All of us experience visual discomfort, due to artificial lighting, almost everyday (night). However, it seems we have developed an immunity towards it, unless it is an extreme case like headlights of a car coming from the opposite direction or a bright light aimed directly at us. Whether or not glare from artificial light sources disturbs us or not (the degree may vary from person to person), it does have a subconscious effect on our minds which can manifest both physiologically and psychologically. Visual comfort also directly effects our decision making in retail environment, our willingness to stay in particular environment, our efficiency at work, a child’s concentration at school, quality of results produced at various tasks, the list goes on and on.

Visual comfort is a subjective reaction to quantity and quality of light within any given space at any given time and can be improved by using the right lighting fixtures (having high visual comfort probability), of the right color and color rendering, in the right quantity (depending upon the definition of the given space) at the right location. All designers of spaces (architects, interiors designers, landscapers and lighting designers) need to be sensitive to this subject and should know how to minimize glare and maximize visual comfort in artificially lit spaces»

With this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Importance of light for human health.
  • Quality parameters for visual comfort.
  • Sensitivity of lighting design while designing for people OR Human Centric lighting.
  • Ready reckoner for architects, interior designers etc.

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