Report: State of Facilities in Higher Education

How important is the correlation between student retention and the growth decisions of higher education institutions? Do you know the differences between the facilities growth of undergraduate and graduate students? What were their facility needs? How did the last ten years grow? These questions are fully explained in the report prepared by Sightlines.

This report was elaborated with information about more than 52,000 buildings of 360 campuses, where there are studying more than 3.5MM students of higher education


All the facility managers who were in charge of a university campus know that we must control our operating budget very closely. We need to know how the operating budget of the facility develops. This report also has a section that shows the trends of the budget of utility services, planned maintenance and recurrent service (daily service) In addition, this report contains information on how the operating budget was developed compared to the growth of inflation.

According the report: «Our database affirms three current trends that will present significant challenges to higher education institutions:

«1. Growing Facilities Needs Backlog – Backlogs are reaching critical levels and continue to draw on institutional resources that should be employed elsewhere for enhancing educational and research success«

«2. Compounding Waves of Lifecycle Needs – The timing of these waves will bring new and expanding facilities demands from relatively recent construction surges. These will compound with existing challenges in operational demand and facilities needs backlogs»

«3. Fewer Students and Less Revenue – Demographic changes will make it harder to secure resources and address the expanding expenses named above. The risk is high for a downward spiral as diminished physical resources draw needed investment dollars away from program activity, which can reduce student or researcher interest in a given school moving forward»

Would you like to know how was the capital investment in the space in the last ten years? There is an interesting comparison of the growth of the infrastructure of higher education facilities, distributed among the higher education facilities of the master’s degree, the higher education facilities of bachelor and the higher education research facilities.


Please access here to download this interesting report

SIGHTLINES, a Gordian Company, is a leader in helping colleges and universities better manage their facilities operations and capital investments. Sightlines provides tools for strategic planning, analyzing and benchmarking that generate an independent, reliable comparison of campus performance in these areas against peer institutions.

Using its unique, proprietary Facilities Benchmarking & Analysis process, Sightlines visits each campus annually to collect more than 200 indicators of facilities and financial data and then identifies trends and provides useful analysis and benchmarks. With Sightlines, institutions receive the context and validation they need to make sound, clear, informed and financially credible decisions about campus facilities. As a result, campuses can optimize capital investments, address backlog of deferred maintenance projects, develop a strategy to steward physical assets, improve the effectiveness of facility operations, reduce energy consumption and better serve students, faculty, staff and visitors.

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