Webinar: Gain insight into your performance with duration and response time compliance reports

How important are the reports to follow the operation and service indicators? As we know, in our operations we constantly measure the performance of our service to determine whether we meet the needs of customers. This February 4th at 04:00 PM (CET) this is scheluded the webinar: «Gain insight into your performance with duration and response time compliance reports» presented by TOPdesk

TOPdesk says: «If you want to be able to make service level agreements, you need insight into your performance. Last year, TOPdesk developed three reports to help you with this. Join us to learn more about the following reports:
Duration distribution report. In the duration distribution report, you see the average duration of your tasks per month. You’re able to evaluate if your performance goes up or down by comparing the months. You also see the average duration per status or operator group, so you always know where you need to take action.
Duration report. With the duration report, you see how long it takes until your tasks reach a certain status. This duration is the time passed between the call date and that status change.
Response time compliance report. The response time compliance report shows how well you are performing for your agreed response times. The report compares the ‘Respond before’ date and the ‘Responded’ date to determine whether a task was completed within the desired response time. The report also displays the amount of tasks that have met and breached those agreements, and makes that data comparable»


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TOPdesk was founded in Delft, the Netherlands, over 25 years ago by 2 students who wanted to make a difference. Their goal was to help others improve their customer service – with software that is simple and easy to use.

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