Webinar: Unlock greater real estate value with analytics

According to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, he points out that the world currently produces every two days the same amount of information that humanity generated since the beginning of civilization. Its true, with the high amount of data produce by our smart sensors (IoT) we need to know how to analize them, how to obtain value of them… This October, 24th at 1:00 P.M. EST there is scheluded the webinar: «Unlock greater real estate value with analytics» presented by Planon

Planon’ll host : «a webinar with Tjene with practical examples of how reporting and analytics can contribute to your strategic real estate and facility management objectives. Based on your feedback, we will include examples of analytics to compare FM data, display key metrics, and discover areas for improvement»

webinar_planonWith this webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. The strategic value of analytics in the business world today
  2. The importance of data
  3. Practical examples of valuable analytics & graphical reports
  4. How easily Planon’s analytics tool can be used

Please, access here to register

Planon is a global software provider that helps building owners and occupiers, commercial service providers, and financial controllers to streamline business processes for buildings, people and workplaces.

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