Webinar: from the Smart Building to the Smart City – ZIGURAT

At February 20, at 16:00 (GMT+1), Zigurat Global Institute of Technology is programming an interesting seminar about the new careers opportunities in this field in worldwide regarding Smart Building and Architects.


According Zigurat, this webinar is part of their seminars series about Career Opportunities specializing in smart cities, this seminar «regards the figure of architect and his role through the smart buildings».

As we know, buildings take 40% of global energy demand. Buildings use electricity and include electronics in nearly everything. As indicated by Zigurat: «Smart cities will be characterized by power grids that will be able to balance electricity supply and demand»

If you’re interested about this seminar, please check here

According its web page: ZIGURAT’s mission is to enhance the potential of professionals, companies and the market to adapt to a digital transformation driven by the paradigm shift, since innovation is necessary to optimize organizations’ work and thrive for a better society. Let’s know more about ZIGURAT here.

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