Webinar: Smart Buildings – Shedding Light on Creating an Intelligent Environment

Lighting and sensors, are important elements to our smart building strategies, however they are irrelevant if we don’t be capable to recollect, storage and analyze their data adequately. Do you know this smart building strategies? This September 26th, 2018 at 2:00 pm ET there is programmed the webinar «Smart Buildings – Shedding Light on Creating an Intelligent Environment» presented by CURRENT


CURRENT says: «Companies are looking to building efficiency to not only streamline operations and reduce costs, but also to improve customer and associate experiences. Whether making buildings smart for a new demographic of worker or delivering engaging, personalized experiences for shoppers, building technology is evolving to operate efficiently and ultimately autonomously. Energy-saving lighting and controls, with a digital engine that aggregates data, provides the foundation for the intelligent environment. Our technology provides a consolidated cloud-based view of energy usage and edge-based analytics to sense and respond to changes as they occur, ensuring consistent execution based on your defined business and sustainability goals»

With this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What a smart building is
  • What other companies are doing to deliver on operational excellence with reduced energy management costs
  • The path to delivering a smart building for your business
  • How other companies have taken the journey and the business value they have identifie

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The Industrial Internet is growing rapidly with more than 50 billion assets connected by 2020. Every day, new applications are developed to make work environments more productive and even drive revenue in retail settings. CURRENT combines energy-efficient LED lighting with connected sensors and controls to create intelligent environments that are not only efficient, but deliver additional productivity outcomes

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