IoT applied to preserve natural conditions

Leaving for a moment our facility management world, I share an example of the versatility of IoT technologies to be applied in wild and natural environments. So, we should think about all we can do with IoT in urban environments

Our Parque Nacional de Manu in Peru is one of the most important natural reserves in the world, and despite the fact that this great variety of plants and animals are protected, they are threatened by climate change

The objective of this project is to provide information related the environment in real time so that researchers currently working in the nature reserve can analyze and study it to preserve the species.

IoT technologies broadcast information via internet to any part of world about what is happening there, in real time

All the installed devices work with solar energy supplied by a solar panel installed in each platform. Thanks to this application, the project does not affect the environment of the forest nor the people who live in the surroundings (see more

The project has deployed video surveillance cameras and some twenty-five wireless sensors that, through antennas, broadcast information via the Internet to any part of the world about what is happening in real time in a 30-kilometer area in the Nature Reserve.

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